FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Bringing cutting-edge American Oncology Innovations to Japan

[Denver, Date] – Sleeping Giant Labs proudly introduces the Clinical Assessment & Advancement Network (CAAN), together, they are bringing cutting-edge American oncology innovations to Japan. Our mission is to foster collaboration, unlock promising opportunities for global companies seeking to expand into the Japanese market, and, most importantly, ensure Japanese people gain access to life-changing treatments that have remained beyond their reach for far too long.

CAAN focuses on driving oncology innovations throughout Japan. With the integration of cutting-edge technologies such as genome analysis, AI diagnosis, and robotic surgery, the landscape of cancer treatment is rapidly evolving, offering new hope and possibilities for patients and industry stakeholders alike.

SGLabs and CAAN specialize in bridging the gap between the American oncology industry and top-tier medical professionals, companies, and consumers throughout Japan. We facilitate research, provide valuable insights, and create exciting new oncology opportunities on Japanese soil. Our mission is to empower our partners and customers to thrive in today’s Japanese oncology market.

What Sets CAAN Apart?

  • Pioneering New Ventures: We provide more than the research and insights to be successful in Japan; we cultivate success stories. We ensure that the brands we represent in Japan thrive in this competitive landscape.
  • Enhancing Existing Enterprises: We bring growth to established ventures, making them even more robust and resilient.
  • Empowering Doctors and Patients: We are committed to elevating healthcare standards and enriching the experiences of medical professionals and patients alike.

We are seeking oncology solutions and advancements in drugs, testing, devices, services, technologies, and more to introduce to the Japanese market.

Why Partner with CAAN in Japan?

Our teams’ foundation rests upon a robust network of Sleeping Giant, Interpacific Network Corporation, and Peak1 Co., Ltd, together we work with 80 dedicated cancer specialists. 

In partnership with the 22nd Century Advanced Medical Information Institute (CEMIT), our team added another 97 Japanese facilities and 1,073 Japanese doctors to our network.

Our Teams Legacy of Collaboration Includes:

  1. Partnerships with renowned institutions such as the National Cancer Center Hospital East and the Japanese Society of Clinical Oncology (JSMO).
  2. Global outreach, including collaboration with the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) and the European Society of Medical Oncology (ESMO).
  3. Co-hosted medical symposia on “cancer genome medicine” since 2019 in collaboration with CEMIT.
  4. Collaborations with over 20 domestic and international pharmaceutical, medical device, and medical testing companies.

Additional Services We Provide:

  • We assist companies in doing business in a “Japanese way” through our deep on-shore network of clients and partners.
  • We facilitate American companies’ entry into the Japanese market by finding the right partners and providing easily understandable research insights.
  • We deliver explicit and implicit research and insights via an easy-to-use dashboard to help our clients and partners achieve their goals.
  • We create Japanese content written by native-speaking Japanese.
  • Produce videos, booklets, seminars, press materials, digital assets, and conferences to support your expansion into Japan.

Join us in transforming the oncology landscape in Japan. Contact SGLabs & CAAN today to explore new innovation, collaboration, and success horizons!


SGLabs & CAAN – Clinical Assessment & Advancement Network

In USA: Gary Moskoff


From Japan: Souichi Nakamura


Address in Japan: MetLife Kanda Nishikicho Building 4F, 3-23 Kanda Nishikicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0054

About SGLabs’ CAAN:

SGLabs’ CAAN, the Clinical Assessment & Advancement Network, is dedicated to driving innovation and collaboration in the field of oncology in Japan. We connect leading doctors, cutting-edge companies, and valued customers to create opportunities for growth and success. With a legacy of collaboration and a multi-modal research approach to help our clients and partners understand the Japanese market, CAAN empowers stakeholders to thrive in the Japanese oncology market and achieve their goals.

Sleeping Giant Labs: 

At Sleeping Giant Labs, we are catalysts for change driven by primary research. We have a multi-modal research approach for both the consumer and business research we do. We look at problems from multiple perspectives and believe that the best solutions are found by combining neuroscience and explicit research techniques. With our Consumer Emotional Index (CEI) platform, we delve deep into understanding the emotional landscape of consumers, guiding companies to create products, services, communications, and marketing strategies that resonate on a profound level with their customers, partners, and community. We launched the Clinical Assessment & Advancement Network (CAAN) to bring cutting-edge American oncology innovations to Japan, fostering collaboration and ensuring that life-changing treatments reach those in need throughout Japan. Join us on this journey to transform industries, empower innovation, inform decision-makers, and enrich lives.

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