Strategies and plans for agencies

SGLabs empowers agencies to understand their clients’ customers on a profound level. We delve into their feelings, attitudes, preferences, behaviors, and media habits, transforming these insights into actionable plans for creative, messaging, content and media strategies.

The CEI and BEI drive Limbic Resonance — a profound psychological attachment to a brand that fosters trust, and enduring relationships between a brand and their community.

By aligning creative and asset research, execution, and media strategy, we cultivate deeper engagement and longer loyalty between a brand and their community.

Consider SGLabs your secret weapon!

No one has the time to do primary research, that's where SGLabs comes in! 

The primary research SGLabs does leads to actionable insights, enabling compelling stories that resonate authentically with a clients' audience.

SGLabs research fuels superior strategies and returns across a brand's communication, content, marketing, and media plans

240+ million data points about consumers and business executives

  • Win more pitches.
  • Tell stories that mean more.
  • Enhance campaign effectiveness.
  • Make informed recommendations and decisions to brands you work with.
  • Target segments with “the right message at the right time”.
  • Level up your communication, media, content, social, packaging, sales, and product development strategies.

Insights, Strategies, & Plans

Our platform provides easily digestible research and actionable insights.

We don’t simply collect data – we deliver research from raw insights to fully actionable plans.

These insights inform decisions from brand management and marketing to content creation and media planning.

We deliver:

  • Insights and strategies you can use to build your plan.
  • Flexible reporting options, real-time dashboards.
  • Fully executable plans.
  • Self-service data access via Snowflake.
Person 5
Communication Plan
Media Plan
Productivity Man 2
Content Plan
Social Strategies
Person 12
Packaging Strategies
Sales Plan
Person 3
Product Development Strategies

Co-Branded Custom Personas

Analyze your client’s target audience by key segments and understand each segment’s feelings, attitudes, behaviors, actions, and media preferences.

Consumer Demographics include: Lifestyle, Ethnicity, Income, Gender, Age, and Political party.

Business Demographics include: company size, seniority, decision-makers, and Industry in the US, Europe, and Asia.

Personas are not limited to demographics! With our semi-custom research, Personas can be tailored to your brand’s key market differentiators, no matter what they are!

Co-Branded Media Landscape: Driven by primary research

Co-Branded Lens Program

The CEI’s and BEI’s Lens allows you to segment consumers based on their preferences and demographics. Default Lenses include Age, Ethnicity, Gender, Income, Lifestyle, Occupation, Political Party, and more.

Many agencies spend a lot of time and money cultivating “agency personas” for segmenting target markets. We’ll implement your Agency personas as a Co-branded Lens so that your clients see their world through “your” Lens.

Any Persona can be defined as a Lens. 

Lenses allow you to compare market segments, providing insights needed to make data-driven communication, marketing, product, and media decisions.


Co-Branded Multi-Touch Media Campaign Manager

SGLabs’ proprietary Multi-Touch Media Campaign Manager (below) offers advanced campaign optimization capabilities,  leveraging primary research insights from our CEI and BEI platforms. By analyzing the media channels that customers engage with while identifying overlapping audience segments, our platform optimizes media buys for maximum impact and ROI. Serving more ads to a targeted audience for increased frequency (represented by dark boxes) or reaching a broader audience for expanded reach (represented by the lighter boxes below) helps our clients’ customers achieve their goals. 


240+ Million

Data points about consumers


4.7+ Million

Possible Personas

Co-Branded Benchmarking Program

Measure Brand Lift and ROI: Using the advanced neuroscience capabilities of our platform, you can measure your clients’ customers’ subconscious attitudes and feelings toward your clients both before and after a campaign.  We then measure brand lift and can assign a concrete ROI for any campaign!

Understand Competitive Landscape: Assess where your clients’ brands are positioned in their markets relative to their competition and identify “blue ocean” opportunities for positional marketing and messaging.  You can target opportunities where the competition hasn’t thought to look!

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Who participates in our research?

Almost everyone!

No matter what your business does, we have respondents who will help answer your toughest questions.

  • The CEI can be deployed in 100+ countries globally, in the US, Europe, and Asia.
  • Target: Elementary, Junior High, High School, and College Students.
  • Adults of all ages throughout the world.
  • Customized audiences based on any demographic or custom requirements.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact us.
Plans are delivered in a final format, graphs, and insights, or as raw data through Snowflake.

* Certain countries may incur additional time and/or cost


What's included?

  • Drive: Communication plan, Media plan, Content plan, Social strategies, Packing strategies, Sales plan, and Product development strategies.
    • Finalized plans are also available. Go beyond just reports and dashboards.
  • Uncover how different lifestyles and audiences feel about your brand.
  • Understand how different audiences prefer to be communicated with.
  • Co-Branded program includes:
    Build custom Personas to match your brand’s target markets.
  • Learn what brands do that build trust with consumers.
  • Intuitive charts and dashboards.
  • Offered globally.
  • Dedicated account support.
  • Understand your customers on a deeper level than ever before – what motivates them and what’s changing for them.
  • Know how your community feels, their trends, psychographics, attitudes, emotions, habits, hobbies, and demographics.
  • Know the media your community consumes, broken down by category, platform and day-parts.

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