Who is Sleeping Giant Labs?

SGLabs’ mighty team of senior marketing/business executives, data analysts, psychologists, psychotherapists, doctors, neuroscientists, researchers, and professors have been applying psychology models to marketing strategies for almost a decade. We have been doing business research and strategy work for 20+ years for Fortune 500 and small/medium-sized businesses alike. We deliver our research and insights in an easily digestible manner to level up brands’ communications, marketing, social, and media strategies.

Human Centered Approach

During the Pandemic, we launched the Consumer Emotional Index (CEI) and Business Engagement Index (BEI), our proprietary conscious/unconscious research platform which combine traditional research, neuroscience, artificial intelligence (AI), and 20+ years of studying how brands engage with their target markets to enable you to deliver on your brands’ promises. The root of everything we do is based on psychology models. It all began with our Limbic Resonance Model and Trauma Informed Brand Models and we’d love to share them with you during a demo.

We provide the data and analytical tools needed to engage your audience, or your customers target market on a deeper level. Reach consumers or businesses at the right place, right time with the right message to resonate and develop brand loyalty. We remove guesswork and ambiguity from your branding, creative, social, and media buying decisions. Be sure you’re heading in the right direction before devoting your efforts and media dollars to misaligned content and campaigns.

Visit us in Colorado and get to know our team. We want to help you achieve your brand goals.

Working with GIANT brands, we believe...

Research works

Know how we know that? Research.

Our clients come first

Our goals are your goals.

Revenue mindset

It is important to have a revenue-first mindset.


Attention to detail is paramount.

GIANT brands we've worked with

Multi-modal Research Methodology

We offer a multi-modal research approach because it works.

By overlaying data between multiple testing modalities, including explicit research (surveys, more traditional research) and cognitive/implicit research (neuroscience), we can measure participants’ strength of associations to various attributes, such as brands and products, while gaining insights from more direct questions through interviews, or surveys. Multi-modal research helps us gain perspective on what consumers and business decision-makers actually think and why they think what they think.

For example, in Implicit testing, a brand may find a strong association with consumers desiring their product. However, when combined with survey responses, there is a high price perception. So, the brand knows there is a desire for their product, but they must overcome a value perception.

“The results of Sleeping Giant’s work were foundational in executing a complete company re-brand, including updated mission statement, visual identity, and brand pillars. Their research into our customer demographics & persona segmentation are the building blocks upon which we are able to make sound strategic marketing decisions to help us achieve our business objectives and continue to drive the BOOM spirit of our innovative brand.”

Rick Case
CEO Nite Ize

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