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Know how we know? Research!

240+ million data points about consumers and business executives

Our platforms empower... to create a profound, enduring relationship with your audience. We apply psychology models and neuroscience to traditional research to deliver invaluable insights.

Primary Research... drive your communication, content, product, social, and media buying strategies.

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SGLabs platforms
(CEI & BEI), products, & services

SGLabs Research

Leverage our syndicated data to derive insights across your target market.

Consumer Emotional Index (CEI)
Business  Engagement Index (BEI)
Global  Engagement Index (GEI)

Semi-Custom Research

Add custom questions to our platform to further segment or learn more about your target market.

Consumer Emotional Index (CEI)+
Business Engagement Index (BEI)+
Global  Engagement Index (GEI)+

AI MoodBoards driven by Primary Research

SGLabs’ primary research-driven AI MoodBoards ensures the messages ads and campaigns convey are true to one’s clients and community.

Designers easily leapfrog the early stages of their design process and can focus on producing ads that are aligned with who their customers are and what they believe, feel, and do.

Person 5
Communication Plan
Media Plan
Productivity Man 2
Content Plan
Social Strategies
Person 12
Packaging Strategies
Sales Plan
Person 3
Product Development Strategies

Insights, Strategies, & Plans

Our platform provides easily digestible research and actionable insights.

We don’t simply collect data – we deliver research from raw insights to fully actionable plans.

These insights inform decisions from brand management and marketing to content creation and media planning.

We deliver:

  • Insights and strategies you can use to build your plan.
  • Flexible reporting options, real-time dashboards.
  • Fully executable plans.
  • Self-service data access via Snowflake.

Custom Research

Go deep – understand with comprehensive custom research powered by our SGLabs platform.  Answer your company’s most difficult questions.

One example: The CX Innovator Series – an actionable, educational industry initiative sponsored by 4 industry-leading brands. 

Benchmark Your Brand

Compare your brand, campaign, or mindshare with others.

Track your campaigns progress and brands lift over time. Understand how your brand is positioned vs. your competitors.

Quantify ROI, even for awareness campaigns!

Media Plan & Buying

Our platform provides detailed, actionable insights needed to make the decisions which drive ones media plan. 

Programmatic | Streaming | Social |  Display | OTT | News | Radio | Indoor/Outdoor Billboards | CTV | Influencers | Amazon

Upon request, we then execute your media plan
across all of the outlets we study.

Know WHO they are. WHY, WHERE, and HOW they want it.

Person 2


With over 4.7 million personas available, precisely target your brand’s audience.

Usability testing-amico


Understand how your audience feels, what they buy, how they spend their time, and why they make the decisions they make.



Know which media outlets your community engages with to target more effectively.


How Much

Quantify the metrics that matter, including ROI!

SGLabs’ benchmarking, brand lift, and analytical capabilities prove your content, marketing, and media strategies work and are worth it.

Who are they?

Personas “Annie” & “Paul” are both 45 years old and have income of $75,000 a year.

Custom Personas: Annie & Paul

Precisely define your target audience and understand how they feel, their behaviors, actions, and media preferences.

Consumer Demographics include Lifestyle, Ethnicity, Income, Gender, Age, and Political party.

Business Demographics include the size of the company, seniority, decision-makers, and Industry in the US, Europe, and Asia.

4.7 million possible personas


  • Outdoor Adventurer
  • Pet Owner
  • No children
  • Female
  • Derives the most joy from her pet
  • Loves Amazon Prime late night


  • Technologist
  • Pet Owner
  • Has 2 children
  • Male
  • Derives the most joy from his family
  • Prefers YouTube during prime time

Earn a deeper relationship with your community.

SGLabs - Insights up and down the marketing, content, and sales funnels.

Understand your customer throughout their journey.

The alignment of the marketing, content and sales funnels identifies, attracts and nurtures potential customers, empowering your team to execute in lockstep and in a unified voice.

Why this works


Where are they?

Who participates in our research?

Almost everyone!

No matter what your business does, we have respondents who will help answer your toughest questions.

100+ million research participants
100+ countries
Access to 4,000+ individual market research panels and sources.

Customizable dashboards delivered via email, or secure website.

SGLabs’ platform provides detailed, digestible reports and dashboards to deliver actionable insights that guide a business’s most critical decisions.

Some of the Cable, Satellite, Streaming, News, Social, & Gaming Sites We Study

Understand WHAT they watch, WHEN they watch, HOW they ENGAGE, and the level of  TRUST your audience has with these MEDIA OUTLETS.

Save millions of dollars from misaligned ad campaigns!

Do you work at an Agency?

SGLabs helps save millions of dollars from misaligned ad campaigns. Read more about our Agencies offering here!

Achieve Nike-level returns without Nike's budget.

Create messaging, content, media, and campaigns for B2C or B2B brands that resonate deeper with your clients’ clients.

Test your creative to ensure it engages with your client’s target audience.

As you buy media, find influencers, and launch your campaign, SGLabs’ platform helps ensure that your efforts are engaging where and when your clients’ customers are most likely to engage with it.

Reach out to us to discuss your agency needs! Be sure to ask about our co-branded research program.

We are global!

What causes consumers the most JOY around the world?

Know before you act

Insights and strategy for every department!

Primary research that supports decision-making and storytelling across your organization.

  • Open new markets
  • Engage on a deeper level
  • Align ads with your target market’s lifestyles and interests
  • Actionable plans delivered every time

It's Not Your Imagination, Consumers Care Less.

In the early days of the pandemic, there was a global sense of solidarity, rallying behind healthcare and frontline workers, and drive-thru parties. Many watched viral videos of neighbors socializing on balconies or howling at the moon to feel connected during lockdowns. Now, as Covid-19 numbers climb and vaccinations and masking has become a political wedge, we see folks retreating into their respective corners. We are hearing about burnout in healthcare workers, anger from exhausted caregivers, and passionate pleas from communities where people live, work, and play. Therefore, it’s now more important than ever for companies to explore an approach that authentically engages and connects with communities beyond traditional marketing tactics, as the advertising strategies that worked for your brand in 2019 simply will not work today. Continue reading…

Our clients and partners are sharing

“The results of Sleeping Giant’s work were foundational in executing a complete company re-brand, including updated mission statement, visual identity, and brand pillars. Their research into our customer demographics & persona segmentation are the building blocks upon which we are able to make sound strategic marketing decisions to help us achieve our business objectives and continue to drive the BOOM spirit of our innovative brand.”

Rick Case
CEO Nite Ize

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