Business Engagement Index

Over 4.7 million personas


The BEI is SGLabs’ B2B research platform.

It explores business decision-makers, sales, operations, buyers, and supporters in companies large and small, around the globe.

We have insights to understand who your clients are and how they make their decisions.

Primary research drives better communications, marketing, product, social, and media decisions. SGLabs analyzes customers’ interests and correlates their preferences, emotions, what they love and buy, and the media they consume.

We help brands make informed decisions about their messaging, creative, marketing, and targeting strategies.

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The Advantage

  • Win more pitches.

  • Tell more meaningful stories to your audience.

  • Share stories when and where your target market wants to experience them. 

  • Level up your communication, media, content, social, packaging, sales, and product development strategies.

Insights, Strategies, & Plans

Our platform provides easily digestible research and actionable insights.

We don’t simply collect data – we deliver research from raw insights to fully actionable plans.

These insights inform decisions from brand management and marketing to content creation and media planning.

We deliver:
– Insights and strategies you can use to build your plan.
– Flexible reporting options, real-time dashboards.
– Fully executable plans.
– Self-service data access via Snowflake.
Person 5
Communication Plan
Media Plan
Productivity Man 2
Content Plan
Social Strategies
Person 12
Packaging Strategies
Sales Plan
Person 3
Product Development Strategies

The BEI is the world's largest database correlating interests, feelings, and media preferences. It offers a fresh perspective on your customers, what they love, buy, and feel, and how they spend their time.​

Custom corporate profiles

Define your target audience. Understand their feelings, attitudes, behaviors, actions, and media preferences.

Business Demographics include company size, seniority, decision-makers, Lifestyle, Ethnicity, Income, Gender, Age, Political party and Industry globally. We’ve done extensive research in the US, Europe and Asia.

BEI Lenses

BEI Lenses segment audiences based on preferences and demographics. Default Lenses include executive decision makers and buyers, as well as any other corporate demographics.

Custom Lenses are driven by primary research about your audience and community. 

Lenses compare segments of your target market, providing the insights required for data-driven communication, marketing, product, social, and media decisions.

Any Corporate Profile can be defined as a Lens, providing a detailed view of your target market, enabling you to understand your audience on a deep level.

Work at an agency? Be sure to ask about a co-branded research programs.


Global Reach

Who participates in our research?

Almost everyone!

No matter what your business does, we have respondents who will help answer your toughest questions.

  • The BEI can be deployed in 100+ countries globally, in the US, Europe, and Asia.

  • Adults of all ages throughout the world.

  • Customized audiences based on any demographic or custom requirements.

  • SGLabs studyies most industries and business roles.

  • Customized audiences based on any demographic requirements.
  • Plan delivered in a final format, graphs and insights, or as raw data through Snowflake.

240+ Million

Data points about consumers globally


4.7+ Million

Possible audiences

SGLabs’ platform provides detailed, digestible reports and dashboards to deliver actionable insights for your most critical business decisions.

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What's included?

  • Research to drive: CommunicationMediaContentSocialPackagingSales, and Product strategies.
    • Finalized plans are also available.  Go beyond just reports and dashboards.

  • Uncover how different lifestyles and audiences feel about your brand.
  • Understand how different audiences prefer to be communicated with.
  • Build bespoke Personas to match your brand’s target markets.
  • Learn what brands do that build trust with consumers.
  • Intuitive reports and dashboards

  • Global perspective.

  • Dedicated account support.

  • Know how your community feels, their trendspsychographics, attitudes, emotions, habits, hobbies, and demographics.

  • Know the media your community consumes, broken down by category, platform and day-parts.

  • Insights to help understand your customers on a deeper level – what motivates them and what’s changing for them.