API & Self-Service

Application Programming Interface & Self-Service Data Access

Integrate our data directly into your solutions!

Win more pitches!

Tell more stories that mean more to your target market.

Share stories when and where your audience wants to experience them.

Level up the communication, media, content, social, packaging, sales, and product development strategies you deliver.

Data is the true value of our platform and products

We offer direct access to our data for companies with in-house data capabilities. Our data warehouse can be accessed online and via SGLabs’ API (coming soon!).

Data is the true value of our platform. We welcome those seeking deeper relationships with their audience to integrate SGLabs data into their processes directly. 

We believe SGLabs data is the world’s largest database correlating consumer interests, feelings, and media preferences.

Gain a fresh perspective on who your customers are, what they love, buy, and feel, and how they spend their time, and we want to share these insights and data with you.

SGLabs' architecture makes sharing insights easy

4.7 Million custom personas

240+ Million data points about consumers and businesses

100's of questions answered about your community to drive communications, content, product, social, and media plans

API Advisory Program

Seamless integration of SGLabs data into your system is our goal. Our API (coming soon!) will provide businesses with unparalleled access to our extensive consumer data and knowledge to segment any audience.

Real-Time Data Access: Integrate our data directly into applications and platforms for continuous, up-to-date insights.

Customization: Our API is designed to meet your specific needs, allowing for flexible data retrieval and manipulation.

Scalability: Easily scale your data access as your business grows and requirements evolve.

Developer Support: Access our dedicated support team to assist with integration and ensure smooth operation.

We are actively seeking clients and partners to join our API Advisory Program. As a member, you’ll have the continued opportunity to influence questions, new features, and capabilities of our API.

Self-Service Data Access (SSDA)

Our SSDA capability empowers clients to directly interact with our Snowflake data warehouse.

Explore Data Independently: Access 240,000,000+ data points on consumer behavior, preferences, and demographics.

Custom Queries: Run specific queries to extract the precise data you need.

User-Friendly Interface: Navigate and manipulate data easily without requiring extensive technical knowledge.

Instant Insights: Obtain real-time insights to support your decision-making processes.

Conduct in-depth analyses and generate reports quickly and efficiently.

Does your team use Snowflake? We do, and we do so to make your team’s life job easier!

  1. SGLabs has streamlined and simplified its processing so organizations can focus on getting the most value from the data.
  2. SGLabs enables instant, frictionless, secure data sharing.
  3. We work with our clients and partners to ensure seamless integration. 

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Custom Persona Data

Behavioral Insights: Gain a deeper understanding of your audience’s emotions, purchasing habits, likes, dislikes, and media consumption.

Demographic Data: Access detailed demographic information, including lifestyle, ethnicity, income, gender, age, political affiliation, company size, seniority, decision-making roles, and industry, across the US, Europe, and Asia.
Custom Queries: Easily retrieve specific data points to tailor insights for your audience and target market. 

Insights from SGLabs data drive communications, content, product, and media plans for our clients, partners, and their clients and partners.


Global Reach

Who participates in our research?

Almost everyone!

No matter what your business does, we have respondents who will help answer your toughest questions.

  • The CEI can be deployed in 100+ countries globally, in the US, Europe, and Asia.
  • Target: Elementary, Junior High, High School, and College Students.
  • Adults of all ages throughout the world.
  • Customized audiences based on any demographic or custom requirements.
  • If you are interested in learning more, please contact us. 
  • Plan delivered in a final format, graphs and insights, or as raw data through Snowflake.

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What's included?

  • Research to drive: Communication, Media, Content, Social, Packaging, Sales, and Product strategies.

    • Finalized plans are also available. Go beyond just reports and dashboards.

  • Uncover how different lifestyles and audiences feel about your brand.

  • Understand how different audiences prefer to be communicated with.

  • Build bespoke Personas to match your brand’s target markets.

  • Learn what brands do that build trust with consumers.
    Intuitive reports and dashboards

  • Global perspective.

  • Dedicated account support.

  • Know how your community feels, their trends, psychographics, attitudes, emotions, habits, hobbies, and demographics.

  • Know the media your community consumes, broken down by category, platform, and day-parts.

  • Insights to help understand your customers on a deeper level – what motivates them and what’s changing for them.