Let's dive into your brand's most pressing questions

While SGLabs, CEI and BEI platforms measure consumer and business preferences by default, it can’t be everything to everyone. Your business has specific nuances you may want to illuminate and understand. 

SGLabs’ Custom Research entail a highly collaborative process with your team to identify the most pressing questions for your business, industry, or opportunity. We then work with you to craft a methodology, questions, and  create events that gets to the heart of those questions, leading to actionable insights.

All results are processed in our SGLabs platform to produce highly actionable insights in a digestible format.

SGLabs has developed a variety of methodologies and models to understand a brand’s community. Today, SGLabs leverages these learnings from our research platform, which implements our Limbic Resonance Model, our Trauma-Informed Brand Model, and the Lifestyle-Driven Personas we identify, to ensure our clients and partners achieve their custom research goals.

Multi-modal Research Methodology


We offer a multi-modal research approach because it works.

By overlaying data between multiple testing modalities, including explicit research (surveys, more traditional research) and cognitive/implicit research (neuroscience), we can measure participants’ strength of associations to various attributes, such as brands and products, while gaining insights from more direct questions through interviews, or surveys. Multi-modal research helps us gain perspective on what consumers and business decision-makers actually think and why they think what they think.

For example, in Implicit testing, a brand may find a strong association with consumers desiring their product. However, when combined with survey responses, there is a high price perception. So, the brand knows there is a desire for their product, but they must overcome a value perception.

SGLabs Research Platform

SGLabs proprietary research platform offers a way to display Custom Research findings and insights in a digestible manner. When insights aren’t easily understood, they are easily missed; using the SGLabs platform enables insights from custom research projects to be approachable and resonate with those reviewing the data.

Our research is available for 100+ countries around the world.

Unconscious / Conscious Research & Analysis

Conscious SGLabs Analysis:

  • Experiential Focus Groups
  • Ethnographic Study
  • Innovation & Ideation
  • Industry Analysis
  • Opportunity Analysis
  • Product or Concept Validation
  • Product, Digital, & App Usability
  • Brand & Product Differentiation
  • Customer Lifetime Value Analysis
  • Traditional Surveys Methodologies
  • Stakeholder / Consumer Interviews
  • Product Attributes, Features, & Benefits
  • Market Segmentation & Lifestyle Analysis

Unconscious SGLabs Analysis:

  • Production Strategies
  • Implicit Association
  • Fast Explicit Testing
  • Findability
  • Eye Tracking
  • Facial Analysis

CX Innovator Series: An example of industry-sponsored research

The CX Innovator Series is an actionable and educational industry initiative showcasing the best practices leading executives to use to shape their community’s experience. Using expertly curated executive interviews combined with quantitative research from consumer surveys, the CX Innovator Series provides tangible insights and a deeper understanding of how successful companies utilize CX programs resulting in positive business outcomes.

The CX Innovator Series is made possible by support from our lead sponsors: Concentrix, eGain, Tealium, and QuestionPro.

Influencer positioning: This kind of research often helps position a brand or an individual as an industry influencer.

Research Events: Experiential Focus Group

SGLabs experiences are customized to gauge consumer sentiment toward a brand, its products, or its experience.

Events attendance is typically 8-35 participants in multiple locations.

A few outcomes have included:

  • New communication and media strategies to drive engagement.
  • A deeper understanding of how a community interacts with, thinks about, and uses a product or service.
  • Identified opportunities for product and packaging improvements.
  • Developed strategies for building trust and fostering deeper consumer relationships.
  • Deeper understanding of the customers purchasing journey.
  • Generated creative campaign ideas.
  • Identified areas for improvement.
  • Created authentic social media stories and lifestyle-driven content to engage the target audience.
  • Identified new products and new uses for existing products.

Dive deep into questions and analysis

  • What is important to your customers and community members?
  • How are your brand and your competitors being perceived? What opportunity does this present?
  • What features do your consumers want and/or need?
  • Was their a recent change in how my brand is being percieved, and/or attitude via benchmarking?
  • Are there packaging and/or brand improvements that could be made to influence and engage your consumers/communities?
  • What are the true drivers of a product or business?
  • How consumers are integrating technologies into their daily lives?

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