Sleeping Giant Reflects on the Fires Affecting Boulder, Colorado

I had prepared Sleeping Giants’ annual end-of-year letter reflecting upon the many challenges of 2021 with aspirations for the new year. While it was heartfelt, I will admit it was definitely going to read as overly hopeful considering our own experiences over the past few days. 

As many of you know, Sleeping Giant is based in Colorado where a terrifying wildfire has tragically played out over the past few days. The experience was surreal and brought our values sharply into focus. For context, a fast moving fire broke out just east of Boulder Colorado on the morning of December 30, when drought conditions combined with 90 mph winds, creating a blaze that burned 991 homes and local businesses right in our own backyard. Our family, like so many others, had to evacuate and spend a night in a hotel with the uncertainty looming large as we struggled to even comprehend what was happening so quickly. Ultimately, my home was spared, but so many of our dear friends and neighbors lost everything. During that long and sleepless night, with outreach coming from far and wide, it became crystal clear to me that my only concerns really were about people. None of the rest mattered, and no single item was really important to me. Certainly my mind drifted to important objects – most of them sentimental – like old photos (of people) or irreplaceable family heirlooms- nothing expensive mind you, just special. Once we knew that our friends and family had moved to safety, I felt at peace about the rest of it. Now, as the fire is out, we are just beginning to fully comprehend what has been lost. Our community has a long road ahead filled with taking care of one another and beginning to rebuild. 

Everyone has had so much to manage recently, including the resurgence of Covid-19, job losses, and uncertainty around every corner. Now, more than ever, we must turn our attention towards compassion, generosity, and genuine care for the well being of people. We at Sleeping Giant wish you peace and comfort as you navigate whatever challenges you are presently facing. In this moment, our team wanted to reach out and offer our support in any way we can.  We hope to hear from you and, when the time is right, we are motivated and rededicated to helping you connect and care for the people in your own community. 

Colorado has faced tremendous challenges in the past, so I am certain we will overcome our current reality, with the support of those who can help. So, if you are able, please consider donating to the Community Foundation Boulder County here.

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