CAAN unlocks new opportunities on Japanese soil by introducing American companies to our exclusive Japanese oncology network, and facilitating the research that provides the insights needed to be successful throughout Japan. We work with American companies that have FDA approved technologies but are not listed in Japan’s National Health Insurance program, as well as companies and organizations without FDA approved products.

SGLabs' Pivot interviews leading Oncologists and influencers in Japan.

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Clinical Assessment & Advancement Network

(CAAN) Where excellence meets innovation

To succeed in Japan, companies need to do business in a “Japanese way”.  With our experience in Japan and on-shore network of partners, we ensure that everyone communicates and is on the same page, moving in lock-step; this style of execution helps all stakeholders achieve their goals in Japan.

We ignite new opportunities and forge relationships connecting cutting-edge oncology companies in the US with the right partners throughout Japan. Through our exclusive Japanese relationships, CAAN brings together American oncology, technology, with top-tier medical professionals, Pharma companies, hospitals, and others throughout Japan.

We've curated the best research participants in Japan to help position and distribute your solutions through out Japan. 

Who participates in our research?

  • CAAN’s network of 80 dedicated cancer specialists.  
  • 97 Medical facilities Japan, in partnership with the 22nd Century Advanced Medical Information Institute  (CEMIT).
  • 1073 Doctors in Japan.

Our Collaborative Approach

We offer more than an introduction; with our network of cancer specialists, we bring together both Japanese and international enterprise to help achieve our clients’ goals. These relationships fuel groundbreaking innovations and lucrative business opportunities in Japan and often, around the world.


Partnerships & Achievements

  • Japanese Partnerships (joint research and lectures):National Cancer Center Hospital East, JSMO (Japanese Society of Clinical Oncology) the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), and many others.
  • Global Outreach: ASCO (American Society of Clinical Oncology) *ASCO Breakthrough 2023, ESMO (European Society of Medical Oncology) *Various Guideline Meetings.
  • CEMIT Collaboration: Co-hosting medical symposia on “cancer genome medicine” since 2019.
  • Pharmaceutical and Medical Industry: Collaborations with over 20 domestic and international pharmaceutical, medical device, and medical testing companies.
  • Participates in the cancer genome screening project, SCRUM-Japan.
  • Pivot – Japanese medical interview series (Highlighted at the top of this page).
  • Japanese content development (written by a native-speaking Japanese) Includes, but is not limited to: Videos, booklets, seminars, press, digital assets, and conferences.

Some of the Oncology solutions we are seeking include






Unlock the CAAN Advantage

Multi-Modal Research:  Overlaying data between multiple testing modalities, including explicit research (traditional research) and cognitive / implicit research (neuroscience), we measure participants’ strength of associations to various attributes in Japan, such as brands and products, while gaining insights from more direct questions through interviews, or surveys.

Pioneering New Ventures: We don’t just do research; we cultivate success stories, ensuring the brands we represent in Japan thrive in this competitive landscape.

Enhancing Existing Enterprises: We bring growth to established ventures, making them even more robust.

International Expansion: Our engagements introduce companies to new markets, representing diversification and revenue growth.

Empowering Doctors and Patients: We’re committed to elevating healthcare standards and enriching the experiences of medical professionals and patients alike.

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