Q3 2022 CEI Goods Services Exec Summ

Download the CEI's Goods & Services Executive Summary and Table of Contents today.

Marketing strategies that worked last week, last month, or in 2019 will not work today. The CEI checks in with 1,000+ consumers, studying 38 different lifestyles, with 95% accuracy, and SGLabs would like to share our insights with you.

The CEI: Goods & Services report includes 7 graphs, answering 48+ questions about what your target market is buying. Discover if your community is buying comfy clothing, new electronics, and/or outdoor products and if they are saving up for a big purchase or vacation. More insights can be realized than you can imagine.

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"The results of Sleeping Giant's work were foundational in executing a complete company re-brand, including updated mission statement, visual identity, and brand pillars. Their research into our customer demographics & persona segmentation are the building blocks upon which we are able to make sound strategic marketing decisions to help us achieve our business objectives and continue to drive the BOOM spirit of our innovative brand." - Rick Case, CEO Nite Ize

Understand what your community is buying, their habits, hobbies, and demographics.
Uncover how different lifestyles feel about what brands are doing, and how they do it.
Learn what brands do that build trust.
See things about your community and target market that your competition is not seeing.
Understand your community and consumers on a deeper level - what's motivating them and what's changing for them.
What media does one's community consume, broken down by category and platform?

Sleeping Giant Labs' process has led to more than 100 million online
experiences, videos, and apps downloaded and enjoyed.